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I’m currently at my grandparents house. I’m extremely happy because I have internet, but it sucks to be here anyway. My brother is watching Disney Channel, grandma is going crazy because I have young teachers, and mom, dad and grandpa is just… boring. I, of course, is just sitting with the computer, listening to music. I’m seriously considering going downstairs even if it’s COLD. I got mail from the bank again. It STILL wasn’t the bankcard. BOTHERING.

And since no one commented last post, I take it no one’s reading, thus I can post whatever I want. I’m going to post an idea I have for a story. It’s probably crappy, but anyway. Shame I can’t get constructive criticism.

The Diary of Liz Masen, otherwise known as ECMARRECSM

What if Edward and Bella had a kid? What if Edward didn’t know? And what if poor Liz didn’t know a thing about her father, other that he and her mother fought, she left, and when she came back, he was gone? What if Bella died, and Liz moved to Forks? AU

First chapter:

Hello, dear diary. I’m probably gonna name you, but I have none ideas yet… I’m the girl with the freakishly long name. I have 10 names. You heard right, 10. Apparently my mother was drugged when she named me. Or… in her drugged-down-ness, she rambled all the people she wanted to name me after. She was going to choose two of them, but unfortunately, the nurse wrote down everyone, landing me with ten names. It’s crap. So, you might want to know what the talked-about ten names are. Fine. Elizabeth Charlotte Marie Alice Rose Renèe Esme Cullen Swan Masen. I know. Don’t even start. Since I’ve already started rambling, I’m gonna tell you the story about all of the names. It’s not a long story, anyway. Elizabeth from my dads mother, Charlotte from my mothers dad (His name was Charlie. I’m obviously named the female form.), Marie after moms grandmother, Alice after dads sister, Rose after my dads other sister (Okay, her name was Rosalie, but mom said Rose fitted me better.), Renèe from my mothers mother and Esme from my dads adoptive mother. Cullen is from my dad, Swan from my mom, and Masen from my dad again. I think the name he used WAS Cullen, so it’s a big mystery for me why I’m named Masen and not Cullen. I prefer to be called Liz, Lizzie or Beth, but Jeez calls me Rose, because I’m his rose. It is my middlename after all. I know, he’s so sweet. Anyway… I’m going to introduce some of my best friends. But first, I’m in a band. I sing. I’m really musical. Apparently I inherited that from my father. I play the violin and the piano, and Jeez is learning me to play the guitar.

Jack Moore is my boyfriend. He prefers to be called Jeez, don’t ask me why, but we all call him that anyway. He plays guitar in the band. I met him through my friend Emma, who is his sister. His dad is a cameraman, and he helps us shooting our videos. Our band are pretty serious, you see.

Fitzwilliam Sears (he demands to be called Will) is the guy with the money. Or his dad has the money, he’s really rich, ya know. Will is allowed to use them. He buys our instruments and all that jazz. And guess what, his dad gave him a RECORDING STUDIO for his birthday. We record lots of songs there. And shoot videos to them, and then post them on YouTube. People really likes ’em. And he plays the keyboard.

Kenneth Rye is from Norway. He teached me and Jeez to speak Norwegian, and thus we play some Norwegian songs. He’s really into DumDum Boys, and it’s okey to play, because we have the same instruments, not like when we play for example ABBA, when I have to play violin, and we have to get Emma to play the trumpet and that sort of thing. Kenneth plays the bass guitar.

Ralph Covent is a drum god. He’s amazing. And really fun to look at while he plays. He really gives himself to the music.

Emma Moore is, as mentioned, Jeez’s sister, and she plays the trumpet, something very lucky when we play Huey Lewis and the News. She is my best girl friend, although she is annoying sometimes, dragging me with her shopping and things like that. She is one year older than me, and next year she’s going off to college. I’m gonna miss her so much!

Hayley Crane is also a good friend of mine. She is the only of my friends not playing an instrument. I guess she does feel left out sometimes. She’s dating this weird guy she met on MySpace. They’re on and off all the time. I feel really sorry for her, because he always makes her sad. People, DO NOT get in a serious relationship with someone you met on the internet! Unless he’s exceptionally charming, gorgeous and has a cute accent! Cough english or german cough.

And last but definitely not least, my mother, Bella Swan. She works at the local library. She is the best mom you could ever have. She allows me to do many things, but also is careful about what it is. She would never allow ME to date someone I met at MySpace. She usually is sort of sad, because of my dad, she says. Their story is a mystery. I know nothing about my father. Well, almost nothing. I’ve inherited my looks from him, and my musical skills. His real surrname was Masen, but he took Cullen when Esme and mystery man adopted him. I don’t think mom would have told me anything about the family except that he left if she hadn’t named me after lots of people in his family. She has the most amazing truck. I love it, even if it’s old and slow. I don’t have my own car. We don’t have the money for it. Mom has her workcar though, which she uses when she have to get quickly to places.

Alright diary, that was about some people that’s important in my life. Will write tomorrow.

-Elizabeth Charlotte Marie… Wait, screw it. It’s ECMARRECSM.


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