September 21, 2008 at 8:54 am (FanFiction) (, )

Okay, I’m gonna start on the second chapter of ECMARRECSM. It comes easy for me to write it now. Yay me!

Second chapter:

Okay, last entry was mostly about people, so now I’m gonna tell you about the band. It’s named Clichè. Keep this in mind, Ralph is a real goofball. No kidding. Just read this:

Jeez: Well, what are we NAMING the band?

Me: I have NO idea! Ideas anyone?


Kenneth: Seriously, Ralph, there’s three reasons we can’t be named that. One, we would get sued by Marvel. Two, we are FIVE. Three, I’m just saying… OUCH! That is so clichè!

Will: What about Clichè? It actually sounds fancy!

See, Ralph is hopeless. Now, about what people do in the band… Will is the money and recording, Jeez is the video, Kenneth is the Norway freak and Ralph is the goofball. That leaves me, and I’m not really much, although it is my mother we shows the videos to first, she actually gives us constructive criticism instead of just praise, which is good, or we would be extremely crappy.

At the moment, my mom thinks I’m doing homework, but I wasn’t in the mood, so I’m just writing in you, dear diary. I’m gonna practice some more when mom goes out. This guy who apparently has been crushing on her since high school, Mike Newton, are going to drive her to work. I hate the guy. He’s crrap.

Okay, right, not finished with the second chapter yet, but mom so nicely informed me that we have to leave. So… Buh-bye!


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