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First of all. I’ve read Breaking Dawn! It’s amazing! I’m not going to go into details, but it really is amazing 😀

I also wrote this short story for school. I’m gonna translate it, and then post. It’s about these people named Rebecca, Jacob and Isaac xD All the names are purely biblical. Just because my imagination’s bad.

At the moment, I’m really into fixing my hair with the help of a knitting pin, a pencil or something of that sort. It’s EXTREMELY funny. Next weekend I’m going to COLOUR my hair! YAY! I’m going to cut it tomorrow, if I’m allowed. CoughifIdon’thavetobethereat10O’clockcough. Not so much, though. I need my long hair for fixing it at the christmas ball. I know, I’m good. *think forward*

Paramore’s song for the Twilight soundtrack is here! It’s called Decode, and that too, is amazing! You HAVE to listen to it! 😀

Finally, the third chapter of ECMARRECSM.

ECMARRECSM, chapter 3:

I can’t believe it. My mother is dead. No kidding. She’s GONE. I have to realize it someday, starting with now. So, this is how it happened.

I was just practicing on the violin for a LONG time. Almost an hour. Then someone was at the door, and I went down to open it. It was the police. The conversation went something like this: “Are you Elizabeth Masen?” he asked. I just nodded. I wondered what the hell they could want with me, I hadn’t done anything. “The daughter of Isabella Swan?” Nod again. I didn’t think mom had done something either. “I’m very sorry to tell you this, but she was in a car accident…” At this point my eyes went wide. “I’m afraid she didn’t survive. A drunk man drove straightly into their car, and smashed the entire side she was sitting.” I started to hyperventilate. “What?” I finally managed to get out, in a very weak voice. “Your mother is dead. I’m so sorry.” I stared at him, and opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish. “She’s dead?” I squeaked. “Yes. The guy with her, Mike Newton, is in a coma now.” I couldn’t care less how Mike was. He was a jerk anyway. All that mattered was that my mother was gone. She was gone. “I’m really sorry.” I closed the door, dumbfounded. Maybe it would have been normal to ask him in or something, but that wasn’t something I was going to do, ever. I wanted to be alone. No I didn’t. I wanted Jeez.

Outside it was pouring rain. I didn’t care. I hadn’t even bothered to put a coat on. I was wearing my old shoes. They almost fell together with me running so fast. When I was at Jeez’s door, I rang the bell, something I normally wouldn’t have. I didn’t want to just come in. Jeez opened the door, and looked bewildered of my state. “Rose, what on earth happened to you?” he said, a tad of shock visible in his voice. My make-up probably was all over my face, and I was sure my hair looked like crap, but I didn’t care. “She’s dead, Jeez. She’s gone.” I managed to get out between sobs before I broke totally down. He took me in his arms, and I cried into his chest. “Rose, who is dead?” “Mom.” I said weakly, before succumbing to tears yet again. “YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD!?” he shouted. I nodded weakly. He swooped me up in his arms and carried me to the couch. “EMMA! Get you ass down here!” he shouted up the stairs. “Oh, Rose. What are you going to do?” he asked weakly. “I don’t know.” I sobbed. Emma came down the stairs, and Jeez went to tell her what had happened. “Dear Beth! I’m so sorry!” she said sadly when Jeez was finished. She went to sit next to me. “Your mother was a good person. I’m going to miss her.” she said, patting my arm. I could tell she wanted to make it better, but there was nothing she could do. She knew that, but she tried anyway. I nodded weakly. Jeez proceeded to stroke my hair, and hug me. “Rose, you’re underage. Do you know where you’ll live?” he asked. I hadn’t thought of that. That was an obvious problem. “Can’t I stay here?” “Maybe. I doubt it. Your mother probably had something planned out for you, I guess. Or you’ll have to live with Renèe.” he said weakly. “But Renèe lives in Florida!” I exclaimed. “I know, I know.” he said. “Beth, our house will always be open to you.” Emma said weakly. She was trying. So hard. “I know.” I said weakly. “I already lost my mom. I don’t want to lose you too…”

I slept over with them that night, but later I moved back. A week later mom’s lawyer came to see me. “Miss Masen? I am your mothers lawyer, Robert Scott. I’m here to talk with you about her will, and about where you are going to live.” “Nice to meet you mr Scoot, though I do not appreciate the circumstances.” I was playing with myself, trying to see how normal and polite I could behave, so I shook his hand too. “I don’t think it is a surprise that Miss Swan left everything to you.” he said. I could see he also struggled to be polite, although I didn’t know the reason. “No, that’s not really a surprise. Who else should she give money, you know.” He nodded, and pulled a file out of his suitcase. “She has arranged for you to move to Forks, Washington, her birthplace.” I stared at him, and my mouth fell open. “FORKS?!” I said, shocked. “Yes. The will is written before her father passed away, and you were supposed to live with him. BUT, she stated that she DEMANDS you go to Forks under any circumstances, and we have arranged that you will live with a lucky old woman named Mrs. Fresh.” I opened and closed my mouth again. He ignored my obvious speechlessness. “You will move in one week. Here is your plane ticket. Mrs. Fresh will pick you up in Port Angeles.” He left. I stared blankly after him. I picked up the phone on the table. “Jeez? I’m moving to Forks, WA.” I said, slowly. He was just as shocked as me. “I don’t believe it.” we both said at exactly the same time.

That happened a week ago, and now, I’m at the plane to Port Angeles, and Forks, new home. I don’t know a thing about the goddamn Mrs. Fresh type, and if I got my way, I wouldn’t have to either. I had to leave Jeez. And my band. My life. It just made everything worse to move…



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